Trio Settecento


Some of the most refreshing, life-enhancing Baroque playing heard in years.
Chicago Tribune

Whatever the demands, the musicians ornament with stylish sensibility, savour the expressive sophistication, and achieve utmost clarity of texture. Pine and Rozendaal use vibrato sparingly, while finding a spectrum of shadings to colour phrases. With Schrader contributing his own brand of articulate and glistening artistry, the trio turns this delectably considered soirée into an evening to cherish.
Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

French Soirée finds the Trio Settecento on ravishing form…Magic moments abound, most memorably the way Pine opens the second section of the François Couperin Sarabande with a half-whispered sensuality that captures the change of mood to perfection.
James Crel, The Strad

Trio Settecento has changed the rules and set the bar rather high. As one critic who has, as my readers know, consistently railed against streamlined, formulaic, or plain boring Baroque performances, I can attest that Trio Settecento plays with tremendous warmth.
Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare

The performances are expert…There’s that same sense of give and take, of knowing when to accompany and when to lead, that good modern ensembles display.
Barry Brenesal, Fanfare

Throughout, the indelible rapport of the three players is delightful.
Jay Harvey The Indianapolis Star

Their playing is first-rate, and their discs sound superb…Performed on period instruments in the most-elegant possible manner, the music is close to irresistible.
John J. Puccio, Classical Candor

A gentle, close and almost 'protective' spirit pervades and informs  their sound, and sense of structure and development - where the music is leading. Then, quite remarkably and without fuss or self-consciousness, they bring the listener with them. But not as a teacher leads a pupil. Much more in the way in which music-makers of eighteenth century Germany must have ensconced themselves with their small and unpretentious (yet perhaps righteously expectant) patrons, employers, and listeners.
Classical Net

Trio Settecento proves that this music [Trio Settecento: A German Bouquet] was indeed a conversation among friends. Rachel Barton Pine, John Mark Rozendaal and David Schrader create a musical environment that welcomes the listener to discover music from centuries ago that they can really enjoy.
Minnesota Public Radio

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